Two Course Express Set Lunch------£9.50

Selection of an Appetizer and a Main course, Both serve on the same plate.

(Some of our dishes can be Gluten FREE (G), Please ask before ordering)

From  12:00 pm - 2:30 pm





1. Satay Chicken (G) (Contain: Mustard Powder, Coconut Milk)

Grilled marinated Chicken skewers served with peanut sauce.


2. Spring Roll (V) (Contain: Pastry, Soy sauce)

Crispy fried spring rolls filled with julienned of Vegetable and glass noodles.


3. Thai Fish Cake   (G) (Contain: Egg, Fish Sauce, Shrimp Paste 5%)

       Traditional Thai Spicy Fishcake topped with peanut and Thai sweet chilli sauce.


4. Corn Cake (V) (Contain: Plain Flour, Batter)

       Traditional Thai Corn Cake.


5. Thai Style Toast

       Deep fried minced Chicken and Prawn on toast


6. Mushroom Ball (V)

       Deep fried mixed with Mushroom, Potato and Onion in bread crumb


7. Tom Yum Soup   (Chicken or Mushroom, King Prawn add £1.00) (Contain: Fish Sauce)

      Traditional hot and sour soup with fragrant with lemongrass, lime leaves and fresh chillies.



Main Course

8. Pad Thai (Chicken or Tofu , King Prawn add £1.00)   (Contain: Egg, Soy Sauce, Peanut on side)

      Stir fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, ground nuts and tamarind topped.


9. Pad Si-Ew (Chicken or Tofu , King Prawn add £1.00)   (Contain: Egg, Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce)

      Stir fried Hofun noodles with in sweet soy sauce.


10. Pad Suki Chicken   (Contain: Egg, Oyster Sauce, Bean Curd, Sesame oil)

        Stir fried glass noodle with egg, chilli sauce, sesame oil and vegetable.


11. Pad Mee (Chicken or Tofu , King Prawn add £1.00)

        Stir fried egg noodle with carrot, Chinese cabbage bean spout, spring onion and sesame oil


12. Braised Beef Noodle Soup (Contain:, Soy Sauce, Peanut, Sesame)

        Slow cooked Beef brisket with rice noodles, green vegetable and bean sprouts.


13. Khao Pad (Chicken or Tofu) (Contain: Egg, Oyster Sauce, Soy sauce)

        Traditional Thai fried rice with egg, onions and tomatoes.


14. Khao Pad Prik Beef     (Contain: Egg, Oyster Sauce, Soy sauce)

        Beef fried rice with fresh chilli, egg and sweet basil.


(All Curries Contain: Coconut Milk, Shrimp Paste5%)


15. Red Curry with Jasmine Rice    (Chicken or Beef or Tofu , King Prawn add £1.00)

        Red curry paste cooked with bamboo, aubergine, sweet basil green pepper and red pepper.


16. Green Curry with Jasmine Rice   (Chicken or Beef or Tofu , King Prawn add £1.00)

         Green curry paste cooked with bamboo, aubergine, sweet basil green pepper and red pepper.


17. Yellow Curry with Deep Fried Chicken on Jasmine Rice

         Deep fried Chicken Breast in batter and steam jasmine rice topped with yellow curry sauce


18. Panang Curry with Beef Flank on Jasmine Rice

         Panang curry paste cooked with coconut milk, fresh chilli, sliced kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil


19. Gai Med Mamuang with Jasmine Rice (Contain: Cashew Nut, Oyster Sauce, Soy sauce, Plain Flour)

         Stir fried Chicken with pineapple, cashew nuts and straw mushroom and dry chilli.


20. Pad Num-mum Hoi Jasmine Rice (Contain: sesame oil, Oyster Sauce, Soy sauce)

        Stir fried Beef with oyster sauce with straw mushroom.


21. Stir Fried Choi Sum in Garlic sauce and Oyster sauce with Jasmine Rice

(Chicken or Beef or Mushroom, King Prawn add £1.00)


22. Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Garlic sauce and Oyster sauce with Jasmine Rice (can be NO oyster sauce for vegetarian)


23. Stir fried Chinese cabbage with Ginger sauce with Jasmine Rice (V)


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