For the Online Booking Customer


From 11 March 2024, Due to the high commission rate for the Booking Fee.

All Table Booking between 12:00 and 15:00 from The Fork and Open Table customer WILL NOT be serving our Express Set Lunch Menu apart from Walk-in, Phone call or Email request customers.


Please reverse tables by calling us on 0207 831 8488


 Email to us:


Sorry for the inconvenient and thank you for your understanding.


Table Reservation

Due to a problem with our online Reservation system. The BEST way to get a table reserved is to call us directly or send us an Email 


For Table Reservation Please Call Us on 0207 831 8488 OR

Email us  :


  1. We charge a Deposit of £30 for bookings of Eight and under, and a Deposit of £5 per person for bookings over Six people.


  1. The full amount of deposit will be deducted on the final bill, if Everyone of the booking shows up.  However, any no show must inform us at least 60 minutes before the booking time or we will charge an Absence Fee of £5 per person of anyone who does not show up.


  1. Any reasons of late arrival must inform our manager 30 minutes in advance.


  1. If the booking is late more than 10 minutes, we will assume the booking is no show OR cancel.


  1. Empty tables and seats will be removed for other customers after 15 minutes of the booking time.


  1. We charge £10 per cake for any Cake Fee and £20 per bottle for any Bottle Fee. (No Spaekling candles are allowed).


  1. We DO NOT take individually payment for the group party.
  2. You will NOT be Seated if half of the party has not arrived.




All Deposits must be paid in advance as a confirmation of booking.



Thank You



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